A section of a page from the Domesday Book showing the entry for the hamlet of Glossop

Glossop history – mills, manors and Melandra Castle

We’re bringing you a bit of local history to kick off the working week!

Did you know the history of Glossop is documented right back to the 11th century?
Now Old Glossop, a small collection of houses made up a hamlet recorded under the name of Glossop in the Domesday book in 1086. According to this document, the value of the land was a princely £2!

Old as the (high dark) hills

Parts of Glossopdale have an even longer history: Gamesley is home to a Roman settlement, thought to have been built around 75AD. Measuring
358 x 328 feet, Melandra Fort – or Ardotalia to the Romans which roughly translates as ‘place of the high dark hill‘ – is thought to have been occupied for at least a century.

The Howard family took ownership of Glossop Manor in 1606 and eventually the town became known as Howardtown.

A historical plaque noting the gift of a pleasure ground by Lord Howard
Hare Hills on Phillip Howard Road

Another rainy day in Glossop…

Arguably the most significant part of the town’s history came with the arrival of the textile industry. The incessant damp that Glossop residents endure on a daily basis was ideal for the spinning and weaving of cotton. Soon, Glossop was renowned for its production of cloth and wool.

Wren Nest Mill: once a hive of industrial activity, this old cotton mill is now home to 72 flats
Source: Historic England Archive

Although the mills fell into disuse, evidence of our industrial heritage is all around us, and offers a rich variety of architecture to explore and enjoy.

A statue stands on a ledge built into a wall
Have you seen this man…
Where in Glossop can you spot this figure?

We’re lucky to have so many resources at our fingertips; from archives and online documents to local history groups. Why not visit your nearest library and explore the local history section?

Over the coming weeks, The Flash will be working with the Glossop Heritage Trust to bring you some more insight into the history of the area, giving you a window into the people, places and events that have made Glossop what it is today.

Ever wondered about the history of a certain building you see everyday? Do you have a story about Glossop that’s been passed down through the generations? We’d love to hear from you – get in touch or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

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